SZA’s new website just went live!

TDE / 2017

As we wait patiently for the TDE clan to get their act together, SZA gives us some digital goodies to hold us over, perhaps serving as a little apology for the delay of her debut album, ‘CTRL’.

Firstly, we get – an interactive site wherein we get to follow a variety of instructions before we can reach the main menu. After typing out ‘ctrl’, your keyboard turns into a sort of makeshift MPC; all of your keys correspond to some musical note, and hitting them causes a series of photos and doodles to appear on your screen.

This kept me entertained for a while, hoping that, amongst the rather cryptic slew of pictures – I might find the actual release date for SZA’s album. Alas – I did not. Anyway, once I had completed this task, I was greeted with a mini-documentary at the main menu: ‘WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN: road to CTRL’ (funny name on quite a few levels). The documentary serves as a montage of sorts, showcasing clips of SZA recording, performing and reflecting – all backed with pensive, acoustic guitar-driven cuts that will likely feature on the album. It ends up being a sort of kaleidoscopic window into SZA’s pre-drop life; gentle conversations are intercut with obscure filtered visuals, creating a hazy, glitchy (and rather adorable) story.

Despite the delays, I believe watching this documentary will end up being rather important for connecting with ‘CTRL’ – and SZA for that matter – on a more personal level. So, if the album’s just around the corner – I think the delay will have been worth it.

Full article here!


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