About Me

I rate/slate music. The rating/slating in question will occur in this little chunk of cyberspace, and also over at Nation of Billions (I’ll funnel it all through here anyway).

With this blog, then, I aim to provide you with a (hopefully) unique take on the albums and tapes from the far-reaching hip-hop/R&B landscape, offering praise and disdain where I deem it necessary.

Don’t get me wrong: there are plenty of blogs like this. However, frankly, I don’t find too many of them helpful. So, using my (arguably useless) philosophy degree I will analyse, dissect and perhaps too often vindicate the various projects that I come across.

I’ve also got my SoundCloud on here with a few beats I’ve put together. You can’t critique it if you don’t make it; you wouldn’t want Mary Berry telling you your cake was shit if she’d never made one herself – would you?

Anyway, have a look around and enjoy yourselves.